Jeremy Justeson – Pimpin'

Jeremy Justeson

By Jeremy Justeson

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Jeremy Justeson is one of America's finest saxophonists, and this is his debut recording on the American Modern Recordings (AMR) label. He is also a member of the American Modern Ensemble, AMR's house ensemble, and he currently teaches at Kutztown University.

This recording contains seven contemporary works, all of which feature the saxophone, and most include at least one other musician. Composers include Michael Djupstrom, John Mackey, Scott McAllister, Robert Paterson, Joseph Rubinstein, Rob Smith, and JacobTV (Jacob Ter Veldhuis).

All of the pieces in this album are world premiere recordings, and a few feature the composers performing their own works.

Track Descriptions

  1. Pistol Packin' Mamma - Scott McAllister (feat. Jeremy Justeson, Kurt Nikkanen & Maria Asteriadou) is about three conflicting personalities that are very rarely in harmony with each other

  2. Walimai - Michael Djupstrom (feat. Jeremy Justeson & Michael Djupstrom) is inspired by a character in Isabel Allende’s fascinating collection “Cuentos de Eva Luna”

  3. Sultana - John Mackey (feat. Jeremy Justeson & Maria Asteriadou) takes it's name from a female sultan

  4. schizo 'squito - Rob Smith (feat. Jeremy Justeson) is inspired by the schizophrenic life of a mosquito

  5. Tongue and Groove: Four Mallet Version - Robert Paterson (feat. Jeremy Justeson & Robert Paterson) is inspired by carpentry, rhythmic interplay, fast tonguing and oral sex

  6. Spirit - Joseph Rubenstein (feat. Joseph Rubenstein): the title refers to raising one's spirits and the general tone is one of warmth and positive emotion

  7. Pimpin' - JacobTV (Jacob Ter Veldhuis) (feat. Jeremy Justeson) [Explicit] is the title track, and is based on original speech by American pimps and prostitutes

Total Time: 72:07

...sometimes even the good stuff has an overseriousness that overshadows the music – it seems that everybody (ok, almost everybody) is more concerned about being taken seriously (and maybe getting a serious grant) than with writing good tunes. That’s where Jeremy Justeson steps in. The cover of his album Pimpin’, released earlier this year by American Modern Recordings, has WTF written all over it: it’s a pastel neon scene straight out of Purple Rain. But the music is serious: seriously tuneful, atonalism taking a backseat to melody almost all the way through, and much of it seriously noir. Fans of dark sounds have a lot to enjoy here.
— New York Music Daily
After listening to Jeremy Justeson’s “Pimpin’” and his other CD “Juggernaut,” there is no doubt in my mind that he is one of the leading classical saxophonists around. Finding a decent recording, let alone player that can play as well as this is hard to come by. If you are a music teacher, saxophone teacher, saxophone student or enthusiast, this CD is a MUST. It has something for everyone, alto music, soprano pieces, brand new pieces and even a wicked baritone piece which bares the same name as the CD; Pimpin’. Like I said before, this CD is a MUST!
— Amazon Reviewer