Makoto Nakura – Ritual Protocol

Makoto Nakura: Wood and Forest

Makoto Nakura

Makoto Nakura, marimba; Kevin Puts, piano; Stefan, Milenkovich, violin; David Fedele, piano

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Press Quotes

In his hands, or rather, beneath his mallets, the instrument becomes a thing of wonder.
Nakura brings not merely accurate and flying mallets, a sense of lyric intensity and probing musicality to everything he plays, he also integrates his virtues into an entertaining whole.
— Los Angeles Times

Makoto Nakura is a musician whose artistry and astonishing virtuosity have been mesmerizing audiences for decades. He creates innovative programs of new music as well as traditional classical repertoire, revealing the versatility and expressive range of the marimba while enlightening and entertaining the listener.

This album contains works for marimba by five of the world’s most interesting and innovative composers, including Pulitzer Prize winning composer Kevin Puts.

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Track Descriptions

  1. Canyon: I. Toccata - Kevin Puts [2:21]

  2. Canyon: II. Cadence - Kevin Puts [2:21]

  3. Canyon: III. Canyon - Kevin Puts [3:05]

  4. Canyon: IV. Cadence - Kevin Puts [1:43]

  5. Canyon: V. Canyon - Kevin Puts [3:02]

  6. Paraphraseology: I. Prima facie - Kenji Bunch [4:36]

  7. Paraphraseology: II. Part I: In Absentia - Kenji Bunch 3:14]

  8. Paraphraseology: III. Persona non Grata - Kenji Bunch [2:51]

  9. Paraphraseology: IV. Part II: In Absentia - Kenji Bunch [2:55]

  10. Paraphraseology: V. Status quo - Kenji Bunch [1:10]

  11. Paraphraseology: VI. Tempus Fugit - Kenji Bunch [1:43]

  12. Transience - Jason Eckardt [7:03]

  13. Recollections of the Inland Sea: I. Misterioso - Tsuneya Tanabe [5:39]

  14. Recollections of the Inland Sea: II. Allegro con brio - Tsuneya Tanabe [7:51]

  15. Ritual Protocol: I. Sempre legato ma ritmico - Kevin Puts [3:27]

  16. Ritual Protocol: II. Mesto con moto - Kevin Puts [5:54]

  17. Ritual Protocol: III. quarter note = 144 - Kevin Puts [3:23]

Total Time: 1:02:18