Robert Paterson – The Book of Goddesses

Robert Paterson
MAYA | Clockwise | American Modern Ensemble

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Robert Paterson is the winner of the Composer of The Year Award from the Classical Recording Foundation for his new album The Book of Goddesses. This album contains three new works, all featuring harp. The Book of Goddesses (the title work) for flute, harp and percussion is in nine movements and performed by MAYAFreya's Tears for violin and harp is performed by Clockwise and Embracing the Wind for flute, viola and harp is performed by the American Modern Ensemble.

The inspiration for The Book of Goddesses, and the source of the title, is the beautiful, lavishly illustrated book of the same name by Kris Waldherr, a Brooklyn based author, illustrator, designer and cellist. Waldherr s book contains descriptions and images of hundreds of female deities from around the world, some featured more prominently than others. The second work, Freya's Tears, is the sister piece for The Book of Goddesses, and is also inspired by goddesses. All three works are beautifully performed by MAYA, Clockwise and the American Modern Ensemble.

Of special note is the beautifully designed packaging which is covered in gold foil and bound like a hardcover book. The booklet contains many of the images and descriptions from the Waldherr's book. This CD makes a perfect gift, whether during the holidays, as a wedding gift or simply for relaxation.

Track Descriptions

  1. The Book of Goddesses - I. Saraswati

  2. The Book of Goddesses - II. Xi Wang Mu

  3. The Book of Goddesses - III. Aphrodite

  4. The Book of Goddesses - IV. Brigit

  5. The Book of Goddesses - IX. The Muses

  6. The Book of Goddesses - V. Estsanatlehi

  7. The Book of Goddesses - VI. Xochiquetzal

  8. The Book of Goddesses - VII. Oya

  9. The Book of Goddesses - VIII. Yemayá

  10. Embracing the Wind

  11. Freya's Tears - I. Iris

  12. Freya's Tears - II. Freya's Tears

  13. Freya's Tears - III. Sekhmet

Total Time: 61:15




Press Quotes

While making use of specific ornaments and different tuning systems, Paterson provides a vast timbral playground.... As earthy as folk music, as rhythmic as dance tunes, Paterson’s suite nonetheless unfolds in the satisfying arc of a well-conceived structure.
— Ken Smith, Gramophone Magazine
Composer Robert Paterson’s new album, The Book of Goddesses, is the perfect diving rod for anyone looking to channel an inner goddess (or two). Haunting instrumental melodies and rhythms from India, China, Greece, Ireland, North America, Nigeria and Cuba fuse in this musical and spiritual journey.
— Patricia Nugent, Organic Spa Magazine
The overall sound here is beautiful, relaxing and does not present as typical contemporary music... I loved it!... His music is clean, clear, easy to follow, emotive and accessible to any audience. I think his music from this work as well as Star Crossing really does appeal to a crossover listening market and it should.... It needs to be mentioned that this album is packaged in some of the most beautifully illustrated matter I have ever seen... I strongly recommend you study these goddesses. It may lead to adulation.**** (Four Stars)
— Daniel Coombs, Audiofile Audition Magazine
...first-rate performance, particularly the Durga-limbed percussionist John Hadfield, and Paterson’s amiable imagination... the product has more the feel of a book with a free CD, and as such would make an impressive gift for almost anyone with an ear for music and an eye for art, especially in view of the fact that Paterson’s easy-going, mellifluous sound is likely to have broad appeal... Atmospheric, thoughtful, rhythmic and melodic, this work can be listened to and enjoyed by believers, agnostics and atheists alike!
— Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International
I LOVE IT!... It’s a very impressive package, and we haven’t even talked about the music yet!... The music is exotic, accessible and very beautiful as it reflects on the universal scope of the goddesses as well as the various cultures they represent and the characteristics of each goddess. While the album is categorized as “classical,” it really is difficult to limit it to one genre. There are world, new age, and jazz elements as well, making it a unique and very enjoyable listening experience... The pieces are hypnotic and have a quiet energy that can become very habit-forming!.. a truly exceptional work of art... Very highly recommended!
— Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano
The Book of Goddesses is a winning mix of masterful chamber music, global sounds and fine artwork all in one delightful package.
— Angel Romero, World Music Central
I highly recommend this CD for all Goddess followers and Pagans alike. Its great to listen to while meditating, and wonderful background music to any ritual. I absolutely love it, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since I received it!
— Love of The Goddess Website